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To do so, the agency sets federal standards 1 for general industry, construction, and shipyard employment.

7 management hats

Two Rebel Hats By Fred Adolphus, May 28, The slouch hat is one of the most enduring icons of the Confederate soldier, ranking alongside his kepi, bedroll, shell jacket and pants cuffs tucked into his socks.

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Indeed, the slouch hat came to be the quintessential American military campaign headgear by the end of the Civil War, meeting with both universal usage and approval during the Indian Wars, the Spanish-American War and World War One. It was superseded by the helmet once American troops got to France inand remained marginalized until the Vietnam War, when it made a huge come-back as the jungle hat.

Since then, American soldiers have worn a version of the slouch hat in Southwest Asia in the form of the "boonie hat. Winslow Homer captured the essence of the Confederate slouch hat in his painting, "Prisoners from the Front.

Confederate veteran Allen C. Redwood sketched this iconic image of one of Jackson's "foot cavalry," to include the turned-up slouch hat. Image courtesy of Battles and Leaders, Volume 2, Part 2, page Dynamichrome brought the Confederate prisoner photo from Gettysburg to life by adding color.

The center soldier wears a black wool hat. Image courtesy of Dynamichrome and the Library of Congress. Frederick Ray's centennial watercolor depicts how ingrained the association of the turned-up, wool hat was with the image of the Confederate infantryman.

Artwork by Frederick Ray. The Confederate slouch hat was adopted for numerous reasons: Despite the regulation prescribing the French kepi-style cap for wear by all soldiers and officers, many were not able to obtain the cap.

They had to use the common citizen slouch hat. Moreover, the slouch hat was found to be more practical: General Order Number 4, from the Texas State Adjutant General's Office, dated June 10,reflects the overall sentiments in favor of the slouch hat.

Therein, an "Old Soldier" remarked, "The best military hat in use is the light-colored soft felt, the crown being sufficiently high to allow space for air over the brain. This headgear was so comfortable that it was never fully replaced by the military cap and was, in fact, retained by most soldiers throughout the war, even as caps became readily available.

Greene, a Union officer escaping from Camp Ford prison in East Texas, drives this point home with his comments on the universality of the wool hat, stating, "As a disguise, we donned the gray jacket and wool hat of the Confederate uniform, which had been obtained through the assistance of negroes, and bidding our comrades farewell, we passed out of the stockade The focus of this study is on the latter: These were simple and cheap, made of felted wool, rather than higher-quality rabbit hair.

For the most part, these two typical quartermaster hats consisted of the very cheap, low quality, Southern made, undyed drab hat, and the slightly higher quality black hat, frequently imported from Great Britain.

These two types have come to define the rugged look of Johnny Reb, and this study tells their story. The ubiquitous and fashionable black hat is the first of the two typical hats to be studied. I have found the most evidence for imported, British-made hats being used in Texas and Virginia, but they were probably used throughout the Confederacy.We provide one stop shop, in-house embroidery serivces with a days turn around.

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7 management hats
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