An analysis of failure

January 26, The Importance of Failure Analysis Earlier this week, Samsung announced the results of their investigation into the Galaxy Note 7 failure. The Galaxy Note 7 phones spontaneously caught fire, leading to a recall of approximately 2.

An analysis of failure

Operation Maintenance We use both non-destructive and destructive tests An analysis of failure determine the root cause of electronic component failures.

Failure analysis is the process of collecting and analyzing data to determine the cause of a failure, often with the goal of determining corrective actions or liability. According to Bloch and Geitner, machinery failures reveal a reaction chain of cause and effect usually a . Gear Failure Analysis ATS is a nationally known testing and inspection company that offers gear failure analysis. We provide service to a wide variety of clients which include many . Failure Analysis and Prevention: Fundamental causes of failure This chapter defines the failure and elaborates the conditions for failure of mechanical components.

Our electronic components technicians work with a wide variety of tools and software to choose the right test techniques for your products. NTS failure analysis examinations of electronic components often use signal generators, sniffers and vector signal analyzers.

We also use microscopy, X-ray, and contamination analysis where necessary. Electronic Device Failure Analysis Determining the root cause of electronic device failure is often more difficult than determining root cause failure for other objects.

NTS laboratories are equipped to diagnose both software and hardware problems that occur during electronic device failure. We consider ourselves tool agnostic.

We go beyond simply meeting the standards for electronic hardware failure testing. NTS laboratories are sought out to help create the best practices for it.

From contamination and corrosion that causes medical equipment to fail to stress failures that affect structural integrity, metal failure can have major consequences. Aerospace Telecommunications Consumer products Failure Analysis is a complex process that relies on a variety of techniques.

Our state-of-the-art data acquisition tools help us determine the cause of metal failure quickly and help you determine solutions to fix the problem. We regularly perform corrosion studies, impact tests and fatigue testing on metal components.

NTS can also create custom testing chambers and fixtures for failure testing of oversized metal components. NTS is experienced in developing custom testing programs that comply with both national and international certification standards. Plastic products can fail from stress fractures, fatigue, material degradation and contamination.

Plastic products can also fail in less-serious ways: Determining the exact cause of plastic failure requires a range of tests and a broad knowledge of polymers. Root cause testing for plastic failures follows a similar process to that used for metal failure analysis. Plastic failure analysis can be more complex, because plastics often contain additives like plasticizers, colorants and reinforcing fillers.

As a result, failure testing for plastic products often requires specialized testing of the molecular and chemical structures in plastics. We use non-destructive testing techniques like microscopy and spectroscopic analysis wherever possible. NTS provides root cause failure analysis for plastic consumer goods as well as industrial components for the aerospace and defense industries.

Whether the failure occurs in manufacturing or after production, we focus on identifying the cause of the failure quickly and developing a solution to prevent further product failures. Contamination Analysis If there are contaminants in the supply chain, it is essential to control them quickly.

However, identifying contaminants can be a time-consuming process that requires major resources. Types of contamination analysis we typically conduct include: Identifying the type and source of foreign particles in a product Determining the level at which a contaminant affects product integrity Tracing the source of contamination and developing corrective plans As contamination is often a multi-faceted problem, we use a multi-disciplinary approach to our contamination analysis.

NTS is an accredited failure analysis specialist. This means that our laboratories meet high standards for testing and calibration, and the tests we conduct are accepted by a wide variety of suppliers and regulatory authorities.

An analysis of failure

Contact us today to help with your failure analysis testing needs. Ask an Expert We are here to help, just ask!Explore the latest articles, projects, and questions and answers in Failure Analysis, and find Failure Analysis experts. Quickly getting to the bottom of a metal failure is critical for preventing future failures, keeping customers happy, and keeping manufacturing lines running.

This course will teach you how to perform failure analysis of fracture, corrosion, and manufacturing failures. This course is targeted. Metallurgical Failure Analysis: The metallography and failure analysis lab at Laboratory Testing Inc.

provides root cause failure analysis for metal and alloy materials in PA (USA).

An analysis of failure

Learn more. Description Intended as a practical guide for polymer technologists, engineers and analysts in the plastics, composites and rubber fields, this title describes a range of techniques and strategies for compositional and failure analysis of polymeric materials and products.

ARDL’s failure analysis process is a thorough review of the failure mode of a component, product or material.

We understand that determining the cause of production problems or field failures is important to save time, money and your reputation. Failure analysis is a complex process applied to all different types of materials.

Each class of materials requires special skills and experience to effectively unravel the causes of failure. This is the first in a series of papers focusing on these various subsets of materials.

The series will include failures in .

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