Chinese piracy and its implications to worldis major economies essay

By western standards this is remarkable.

Chinese piracy and its implications to worldis major economies essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. While piracy was traditionally viewed as a system of loot and acquisition by sea-faring pirates, usually operating in coastal areas or in some cases in the high seas, piracy today nonetheless takes the form of an underground economy propelled by mass production of fake products.

This is essentially true for China. It is estimated that 85 to 95 percent of all copyrighted works sold in China are fakes. The lax Chinese laws on copyright as well as the size of its market may have propelled the boom of an underground economy.

Chinese piracy and its implications to worldis major economies essay

To expand its gross national product per capita, the Chinese government under Deng and his successors implemented economic policies that aimed to curb unemployment in the country as well as to build a large capital inventory.

The Standing Committee of the Political Bureau can generate legislations that can destroy the economic base of piracy. There is a simple reason why the Chinese government does not or pretends to fight piracy.

Subsidiaries and local outposts of the Chinese Communist Party are reaping large profits from underground business tycoons; most of which are members of the CCP. Hence, overall the Chinese government benefits from this type of economic relationship.

Enforcement of strict laws on copyrighted materials is a matter of public demagoguery and foreign policy. In MayEU customs authorities seized more than two million counterfeit items in one ten-day period Gamble 1.

Malta was the center of the Chinese counterfeit economy in the Mediterranean since the highest number of counterfeit items was found there 13 containers on shipment to Africa — feeding the African black market.

The products seized were of varying types: Eighty percent of these counterfeit drugs are produced in China. These shipments were designated to the bird-flu stricken South East Asia. It was clear to US authorities that the counterfeit drugs were produced in China and shipped to the United States to feed the growing US market for the product for prevention ; the excess went to SE Asia.

The Illegality of Piracy The high costs of producing copyrighted China have provided some moral and historical justifications for piracy.

In the West, protection of intellectual property rights against the waves of counterfeiting activities of underground economies has long been perceived as a form of stimulant for the promotion of intellectual creativity or innovation, and the development of new technologies.

Confucian philosophy though, the traditional guiding ethics in Chinese society, teaches that replication or duplication of innovation, or in most cases, imitation of ideas are virtues of honor respect, and moral authority. With such guiding principle, the Chinese people were made to believe that reproducing copyrighted materials without the contours of regulation or the law is not a violation of individual rights.

Rather, they perceive it as one of the highest forms of respect and magnanimity.

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Although this is far from empirical validation, Confucian philosophy is still a pervading moral and economic philosophy in China. But adherence to ancient customs and principle has been a matter of the past.The effect of China’s rapid growth on other Asian economies is felt most directly through its * Barry Eichengreen, Professor of Economics and Political Science, University of California, Berkeley.

Email: [email protected] Chinese Piracy and Its Implications to World’s Major Economies Essay Sample The term “piracy” has acquired a new meaning in the world of the so-called “new economics”; that is, the realm of globalization.

The world economy would be astonished to what they have achieved without exploitative conditions. In , China has become the world’s largest holder of foreign exchange reserves (Zheng 1).

China’s strength in the world economy has grown but had created both external and internal pressure (Zheng 1). A decelerating Chinese economy, coming at a time of global economic uncertainty (especially in the eurozone), could have dramatic economic implications throughout the world.

Chinese Piracy and Its Implications to World’s Major Economies Essay Sample

The Growth of China and Its Diplomatic Consequences Essay. The Growth Of China and its Diplomatic consequences An issue of paramount importance in global politics today is that of the economic development of China into both a regional and global powerhouse. China has achieved many firsts under the umbrella of antipiracy.

These include its first major contributions to securing sea lines of communication (SLOC), a commendable start.

Chinese Piracy and Its Implications to World’s Major Economies | Essay Example