Holocaust independent reading project

March 14, Muslims and The Holocaust A difficult time has come to me… a time which every Muslim child in the West will reach, an event which every Muslim child in the West will experience. Mine never did… I found out about the Holocaust through independent reading of my own, and now, through school. Get more of our great articles.

Holocaust independent reading project

Understanding the scope of the Holocaust and genocide studies and the relations between aspects of it. The ability to conduct interdisciplinary research in Holocaust and genocide studies. The ability to think about the Holocaust and genocide studies across disciplinary lines. Ability to analyze and synthesize evidence about the Holocaust and genocide studies.

The ability to communicate clearly and effectively to diverse audiences. The ability to apply what is learned about the Holocaust and genocide studies in diverse contemporary ethical and political contexts.

Curriculum Total Credit Hours: It will be offered each Spring semester and taught by rotating consortium faculty. Students register for this course through the home institutions of the faculty teaching that semester. It is expected that the introductory course is the first course students take in the certificate program.

If their enrollment begins in a semester when the course is not offered, students may petition for an exception through their academic adviser. Students must complete 12 additional credit hours from the list of approved courses at participating institutions. The courses are either classified as Core or Contract courses.

The Holocaust Webquest

A minimum of 6 credit hours of core courses must be completed. Contract courses offer students the flexibility to enroll in a course that addresses the Holocaust and genocide studies indirectly, but require an academic contract between the student and professor stipulating how the course material will meet the learning objectives of the Certificate Program.

Only six credit hours of contract courses can be counted toward certificate completion. Certificate Course Contract Capstone Experience: Students are required to complete a 3-credit capstone course in the final semester of their certificate curriculum.

This capstone course may coincide with the capstone course for a degree program with a delay of some semesters as needed. The final product of this course would consist of an interdisciplinary scholarly project. Students are encouraged to develop capstone projects that demonstrate mastery of all of the six student learning objectives for the program.

It is not required if the capstone project demonstrates mastery of SLO6. In order to receive credit for a course taken at a consortium institution, students are responsible for asking the registrars at the institutions where the courses were taken to send a transcript to the UMKC registrar.

Students must provide transcripts to the program coordinator at MCHE from all institutions at which they took courses. For Certificate purposes, students may transfer only courses approved by the Consortium faculty.

If students are also enrolled in a regular degree program at UMKC, courses approved for the Certificate may not be transferred in addition to courses allowed for transfer for a degree.Searching for Meaning from the Holocaust. Spring skilled psychopaths, educated Eichmanns.

Reading, writing, arithmetic are important only if they serve to make our children more human. As a teacher and advisor, I also saw, annually, how my students were still harmed by one another.

It was an exhilarating workshop on project-based. Study Guides & Independent Reading Project Guidelines.

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Home. Welcome to Mrs. Lubrano's. Language Arts Home Page Holocaust/Friedrich Unit Test: Wed., May 30; Reading Log Friday, June 1; Language Arts Final Exam.

These performance assessments were created by the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project for NYC Department of Education and some are owned by NYC Department of Education.

The NYC Department of Education has agreed to allow Teachers College Reading and Writing Project . Muslims and The Holocaust Mine never did I found out about the Holocaust through independent reading of my own, and now, through school. The few times I’ve brought it up with my parents, they dismissed it well, not dismissed it, exactly – rather, they said that the numbers were exaggerated, and while yes, it did happen, similar.

Text Resources for Holocaust Group Project: This list of resources will assist students in researching the Holocaust. Holocaust Online Inquiry: This online resource provides links to Internet resources related to the Holocaust. Each resource also includes a related student activity.

Holocaust independent reading project

Independent Reading Project During this semester you will read one book of your choice as part of the Independent Reading Project. Grading for the Independent Reading Project.

Ten teams compete to design UK National Holocaust Memorial