Indonesian loanwords in dutch

A phenomenon that often occurs in case of language contact is the absorption or borrowing of lexical elements, which will enrich the vocabulary of the receiving language. In this article, we deal with words adopted from French in Indonesian and vice-versa. Historical background explains why there are no direct loanwords from French language in Indonesian.

Indonesian loanwords in dutch

However, a few English affixes are borrowed. In languages other than English[ edit ] Transmission in the Ottoman Empire[ edit ] During more than years of the Ottoman Empirethe literary and administrative language of the empire was Turkishwith many Persianand Arabic loanwords, called Ottoman Turkishconsiderably differing from the everyday spoken Turkish of the time.

Indonesian loanwords in dutch

After the empire fell after World War I and the Republic of Turkey was founded, the Turkish language underwent an extensive language reform led by the newly founded Turkish Language Associationduring which many adopted words were replaced with new formations derived from Turkic roots.

Turkish also has taken many words from Frenchsuch as pantolon for trousers from French pantalon and komik for funny from French comiquemost of them pronounced very similarly. Word usage in modern Turkey has acquired a political tinge: Though very few Indonesians have a fluent knowledge of Dutch, the Indonesian language inherited many words from Dutch, both in words for everyday life and as well in scientific or technological terminology.

Latin borrowings can be known by several names in Romance languages: Latin is usually the most common source of loanwords in these languages, such as in Italian, Spanish, French, etc. This has led to many cases of etymological doublets in these languages. For most Romance languages, these loans were initiated by scholars, clergy, or other learned people and occurred in Medieval times, peaking in the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance era [24] - in Italian, the 14th century had the highest number of loans [25].

Many of these same words are also found in English through its numerous borrowings from Latin and French and other European languages. In addition to Latin loanwords, many words of Ancient Greek origin were also borrowed into Romance languages, often in part through scholarly Latin intermediates, and these also often pertained to academic, scientific, literary, and technical topics.

Furthermore, to a lesser extent, Romance languages borrowed from a variety of other languages; in particular English has become an important source in more recent times. Study of the origin of these words and their function and context within the language can illuminate some important aspects and characteristics of the language, and can reveal insights on the general phenomenon of lexical borrowing in linguistics as a method of enriching a language [27].

Changes in meaning and pronunciation[ edit ] In some cases, the original meaning shifts considerably through unexpected logical leaps.Some Dutch loanwords, having clusters of several consonants, pose difficulties to speakers of Indonesian.

This problem is usually solved by insertion of the schwa. For example, Dutch schroef [ˈsxruf] → sekrup [səˈkrup]. Nov 08,  · Used to form nouns of action or process or result based on the accompanying verb in -ise or -ize. baptism (), aphorism (), criticism (), magnetism ()· Used to form the name of a system, school of thought or theory based on the name of its subject or object or alternatively on the name of its founder ((when de-capitalized.

The nationalist movement that ultimately brought Indonesian to its national language status rejected Dutch from the outset. However, the rapid disappearance of Dutch was a very unusual case compared with other colonized countries, where the colonial language generally has continued to function as the language of politics, bureaucracy, education, technology, and other important areas for a.

We are going to talk about Dutch loanwords in Indonesian. About 20% of Indonesian words can be traced back to Dutch words. Some of these words are academic terms, for example terms in law, which is the reason that for many studies in Indonesia, it is compulsory to take a course of Dutch Language.

Netherlands Dutch is the national statutory language of the Netherlands where it is spoken by million people. Belgium Dutch is an national statutory language of . 55 Indonesian Words Derived from Dutch (Loanwords) along with meanings and sample sentences help broaden your Indonesian vocabulary word bank.

Indonesian loanwords in dutch
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