Law duty of care essay example

Law Duty of care Issue: For an action in negligence to succeed, it must be foreseeable that the act or omission of the defendant could cause harm to the plaintiff. There must be some relationship between the parties for the duty to exist.

Law duty of care essay example

Consent Decree Duty of Care A duty of care is the legal responsibility of a person or organization to avoid any behaviors or omissions that could reasonably be foreseen to cause harm to others.

Similarly, manufacturers owe a duty of care to consumers in making sure that their products are safe for public use. To explore this concept, consider the following duty of care definition. Duty of Care Law Because each of the states is free to develop its own duty of care laws, there are several different tests to determine whether someone has a duty of care under U.

Some of these factors include: Under tort law, duty of care is defined as the responsibility of a person or business to act as a reasonable person would act in a similar situation. A person who violates his duty of care by acting in a negligent or reckless matter is then liable for any harm that another person suffers as a result of his behavior.

Examples of duty of care relationships include: Manufacturers Those who manufacture products owe a duty of care to those who buy them.

This means that the products must be reasonably safe for others to use. Products should also carry warnings about any potential dangers that can result from using the product.

It should also have an obvious warning label informing the customer of how he can become injured and the steps he can take to prevent this. Property Owners Those who own businesses and homes both have a duty of care to anyone who comes onto their property, to ensure there are no reasonably foreseen dangers.

For instance, a clothing store has a duty of care to ensure a tear in the carpet does not remain to trip customers, who might then be injured. Most states have different rules insofar as what kinds of protections property owners must offer to their visitors.

Typically, and understandably, customers receive the highest level of care, while trespassers receive little to none. Businesses Managers and other top-level representatives of businesses are expected to make reasonable decisions that are in the best interests of their business. For example, duty of care in a medical malpractice case requires that a doctor act in a way that is comparable to another reasonable doctor in his field.

This is different from comparing his actions to a reasonable everyman in a similar situation. The same goes for legal malpractice cases.

Law duty of care essay example

Examples of this include the manufacturing of explosives, or the possession of dangerous animals. For instance, if a doctor is eating dinner at a restaurant, and one of the customers there begins to choke, he is under no obligation to help that person. The customer cannot sue the doctor for malpractice for failing to help him because he does not have a relationship with that doctor.

However, if the doctor decides to take it upon himself and help the customer, the doctor then opens himself up to a malpractice or negligence lawsuit if anything goes wrong. Once the doctor initiates a relationship with that person, he owes a medical duty of care to act in a manner that another doctor would act in similar circumstances.

If a patient decides to sue a doctor for negligence, the doctor may not be the only one at fault.

Duty of Care - Definition, Meaning, Examples, Cases, Negligence

The hospital that has hired the doctor may also be held to the same medical duty of care standard because, in hiring the doctor, the hospital agrees to supervise his actions.

The hospital can then be held liable for the negligence of its employees. Medical Malpractice and Negligence For a patient to be successful in a medical malpractice case, he must be able to first show that the doctor owed him a duty of care. This is done by proving that the doctor and patient had a special relationship with one another at the time of the incident.

The patient must then be able to show the level of care that would have been appropriate in his situation. This is to establish that the doctor may have been negligent in meeting the appropriate level of care for that patient. Should the court determine that the doctor was, in fact, negligent, the patient can be awarded damages based on his claim of malpractice.

Legal Duty of Care A legal duty of care is very similar to a medical duty of care. The only difference is that this situation involves attorneys instead of doctors.

An attorney who has not yet been retained on a case does not owe a legal duty of care to the person he has met with because that person is not yet his client.

Once the person retains the attorney for his case, he becomes a client. The attorney is then held to the same legal duty of care that other attorneys in similar situations and fields of law would be held to. Legal Malpractice and Negligence Legal malpractice is similar to medical malpractice in that the malpractice occurs when an attorney is negligent in his duty of care to his client.

However, no warnings were included insofar as the insect-borne diseases that the students could contract while abroad. On June 23,the students traveled to Mt.Duty of care Issue: Does defendant (David or the Bright Smiles Dental Surgery) owned duty of care to plaintiff (Tony)?

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The duty of care may be imposed by operation of law between individuals with no current direct relationship (familial or contractual or otherwise), but eventually become related in some manner, as defined by common law (meaning case law).

There can be different types of ‘duty of care’, for example, a statutory duty of care (where the duty is stated in an Act of Parliament), a contractual duty of care (where the duty is specified in a signed contractual document), or even a professional duty of care (where the duty of care is .

A duty of care is the legal responsibility of a person or organization to avoid any behaviors or omissions that could reasonably be foreseen to cause harm to others. For example, a duty of care is owed by an accountant in correctly preparing a customer’s tax returns, to minimize the chance of an IRS audit.

Law duty of care essay example

Under the duty of care, there is another test used by the court in determining whether there is negligence in carrying out the duty of care which lead to the other person suffering from the damage as a consequences of the act.

The test said in the above is called the Caparo(composite) test.

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