Most valuable experience you have ever had

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Most valuable experience you have ever had

Most valuable experience you have ever had

They ask this question to find out more about your work style, what you value in terms of career and your overall personality. Points to Emphasize Responding to this question allows you to showcase your talents and abilities while sharing a career experience that was both personal and valuable to you.

Remember that employers are looking for coworkers who believe in team work when choosing an experience to share.

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Make sure your triumph reflects positively on yourself and the company. Talk about specific details in relation to how the rewarding event came about. Overall, sharing something in your career that was extremely satisfying should be done in a confident, open manner.

This communicates to the hiring manager that you are assured of yourself and other members of your team.

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Mistakes You Should Avoid The last thing you want to do in an interview is to trip up with common pitfalls that can easily be avoided. Sample Answer An excellent example of how this question could be answered would go something like this: This past year at my firm started out as a disappointment with low numbers and even lower morale.

I was asked to head up a team of my coworkers and we were able to effectively bring up our sales and boost the spirits of our company turning last year into our biggest year yet! I was humbled to be asked to confidently lead this special team and learned many things about being a great manager.This is the most balanced, detailed and fair review of the method and content of Rosetta Stone that you'll find anywhere.

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