Online homework assignments

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Online homework assignments

Just getting all the assignments home without throwing out your back or losing anything is a miracle. Taking homework online, however, eliminates many of these problems: There are also many apps that make grading and organizing online homework assignments faster and easier.

Like any technology integration, however, this can seem like a daunting task: Where do I even start? This transition can be as simple or involved as you want; use these tips as a guide.


Just Get Started The best way to transition to online homework is to simply do it. Start small, with just one homework assignment a week. This will give you and your students a chance to adjust. If you work in Google Classroom or Google Drive, this will be relatively simple.

Here are a few tips for organizing homework assignments with the tools available through Google Drive: Create folders for each of your classes.

Online homework assignments

If you just have one class, create a folder for each block, subject or section of class. Google Classroom automates a lot of this organization for you. This way you can then organize them into the appropriate folders.

You can make all edits and comments within the doc they hand to you. You can make your life easier by choosing add-ons that help with grading as well. A few add-ons to consider are: Have math assignments auto-graded based on your specific requirements.

Google Docs built-in rubric.

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Mass homework sharing, assignment organization, and grading management. Assign Homework Through Specific Tools If you start with just one or two online homework assignments a week, you can make that homework specific to an app or digital tool. Here are a few that can be used for completing homework at home: With it, students can log their reading and answer standards-aligned, higher-level thinking comprehension questions.

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