Poverty alleviation

UNDP seeks to reduce poverty and inequality by tackling the roots of these issues. It is an honor to join you today. China has made remarkable progress in reducing poverty since the s, inspiring countries around the world.

Poverty alleviation

November 27, 4: The studies shown in Poor Economics" are interesting, very well presented and match so well the title of "Fighting Poverty With Actual Evidence", a must read for the people that ever wondered why do the poorest people in the Indian state of Maharashtra spend 7 percent of their food budget on sugar.

I really appreciate your work, I discovered Freakonomics about a month ago and already listened every episodes. Got me thinking about going back to study economics. John Glazebrook November 27, 9: Well on the surface the "Fighting Poverty wjth Evidence" radio program sounds find.

But it really is only focusing on a micro level model which also included some distractions about the poor misspending money on alcohol and prostitution. At the macro level there is substantial evidence that markets private enterprise and governments waste resources that could otherwise be better directed.

How much money is wasted by big business on advertising budgets designed to influence consumers to gamble and eat unhealthy food?

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How much taxpayers money is wasted by western governments on military interventions and wars? Many taxpayers would not object to paying more taxes if governments provided evidence to show they were reducing poverty.

I also found it strange that this program had absolutely nothing to say about population growth and world poverty? Why only call for evidence-based microprograms and not say anything about the need for evidence-based macro-level public policies?

Poverty alleviation

John Glazebrook jdglazebrook gmail. Al November 28, If we look at the "War on Poverty" in the US started in the 60's under LBJ we can see that the percentage of people in poverty has not gone down since then.

Poverty alleviation

This would be a good place to start when talking about "evidence-based" solutions. Regarding how resources are used, I'd have to politely object to the way you've characterized things.

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I don't know how one could objectively say resources could be better used in certain circumstances. If you throw out an empty milk carton, are you "wasting" it because I might be able to use it for art or to build a musical instrument from it?

The argument comes down to property rights. It exists or it doesn't. Private companies can do whatever they like with private property just as you or I can. The government may not do as they like because the property tax money is not theirs.

Just for your own records, I highly object to government using my tax money for anything despite what evidence they can or can't provide because they are using force to solve the problem.

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I will help the poor as I see fit on a peaceful and voluntary basis. However, the poverty institutions within the U. They need more funding like an addict needs more drugs.

So, what they do is subtract all government assistance from a persons income before determining whether they are in poverty or not. With the assistance a large number of people are living above the poverty line but are counted as if they are not. James November 27, 9: First, what exactly do we mean by poverty?

Is a subsistence farmer in say Kenya, living in the context of a traditional culture, really "poor" in the same way that the lowest rung in the US is poor? Seems to me that the Kenyan is in a real sense moderately successful within his cultural context, while the American is not.

That means we are really looking at two quite different conditions, which might respond quite differently to different kinds of aid. Second, I ran across an interesting slideshow http: This hit home to be because, despite having been raised in poverty and spending roughly my first decade of adulthood being poor, I somehow acquired most of the rich habits listed there - and these days, I'm quite prosperous, if not actually rich.

Scot B November 28, 4: Education how to take care of your health, how to maintain your stuff, how to build capacity, how to work well with othersself discipline, ethics, access to capital, a reliable legal system, and protection of private property rights.

If any of those things are missing, each is a difficult problem to solve on their own and in many societies several are problems.

Juan N November 28, If a kid was hungry, you fed him, Corporations even corporations did not want the chemical plant next door exploding. If Elizabeth Warren gets to be president then one concept will finally be used, anti-trust.Another employee at the site, Huang Rongqin, whose job is to guide tourists, said she earns 4, Chinese Yuan, approximately US$, monthly.

With member countries, staff from more than countries, and offices in over locations, the World Bank Group is a unique global partnership: five institutions working for sustainable solutions that reduce poverty and build shared prosperity in developing countries.

The group made the call at a humanitarian assistance to communities that faced different forms of disaster in recent times, in the Niger Delta region.

Alleviation of Rural Poverty

3 Introduction - China’s Rural Development With Deng Xiaoping’s economic reforms in the late s China started its spectacular transi-tion from a state-run economy, based on centralized command and control, to a modern eco-.

Rt. Honorable Prime Minister and Chairperson of PAF Board K P Sharma Oli along with PAF Board members and other officials during the 69th Board Meeting held on 24, August, at Singhdurbar. Jan 01,  · Historically we have tended to shy away from this kind of social planning and job matching, perhaps because it smacks to us of a command economy.

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