Should participation in sports be required

The future for American teens does not look too bright. However, things do not have to stay this way.

Should participation in sports be required

Why sports should be optional JuliN on Mon Mar 05, When students are forced to play sports that they aren't good at and enjoy, it ruins it for kids who actually want to be there and enjoy it.

Kids will look at sports more as a requirement or punishment instead of something they actually want to do. While I agree that it has a friendlier environment, it might not be as friendly if you make other people do it. The reason sports teams are such a great environment is because everyone shares the same interest and you can work at getting better at your interest together and because of this, everyone on the team gets along.

But, if you force a person to play a sport who is really into some other hobby, they might not feel like they fit in as much.

They also might be really bad at sports and would dread going to practice everyday. Though exercise often puts people in a better mood, doing sports they don't like will put them in a worse mood. Being the worst on the team by far would also be detrimental to their self- esteem and not boost their confidence.

Furthermore, with their lack of skill and determination, they would probably be benched for most of the games. Instead of being benched, they could do a hobby they love. Many students have other hobbies other than sports that they would not have time for or focus as much on if they were forced to play a sport, such as drama, quiz bowl, debate team and even knitting.

Everyone has different interests that make them happy and the students themselves know what those interests are best and should be able to choose them themselves. Also, I disagree about how you can feel more pride or accomplishment when you win in the sport. But if people who don't want to be there are on the team, the team would be less likely to win.

With more uncommitted athletes, more people would lose and no one would feel pride for their school. I know that part of the reason the track team did so well was its great support for each other.

If you filled half the track team with people who hated being there, that support would diminish and result in fewer victories.

The people who do not enjoy the sport will not try and this will bring down the rest of the team's enthusiasm. Their lack of enthusiasm will wear off on other people and students will not be the best they can be at their sport.

It is not fun when you have to play a sport you love with people who do not care about it. Sports will end up feeling like gym. While a soccer player loves soccer, they will not enjoy soccer in gym as much as their actual soccer games out of school.

Gym soccer and actual soccer have big differences. Instead of playing with people who love soccer and are determined to improve, gym class is full of people who are interesting in other hobbies.

Many of these people just walk around throughout the whole game. That is why gym soccer is not as fun as the actual sports team soccer.

If you forced students to play sports, many of the sports would feel like gym class. Also, there are other ways of feeling accomplished besides winning in sports, such as getting a lead role in a play, or winning a debate.

I disagree that athletes would abstain from substance abuse from the pressure to help their team be successful. If anything, drugs and alcohol could be used as an excuse to be kicked off the team and to not have to do the sport. Furthermore, if sports were made mandatory, would tryouts be illegal?

Finally, there are other ways of staying healthy, such as going to the gym or going for a jog in your neighborhood. Even though I think eating the right foods is important for your health, eating healthy is not focused on in sports so that would not help in that way.


Although I agree that playing a sport should be encouraged and is great for health and social reasons, students should not be forced to participate in them.Jun 12,  · Why high school students should be required to participate in sports emcphillips on Fri Mar 02, am I think that all high school students should be required to .

Sports can be a good thing. They are good for the cardiovascular system, keeping the human body in shape, and many other things. However, should students be required to participate in them in order to receive a high school diploma?

Some kids can't wait to sign up for competitive sports: for others, earning that physical education credit is like torture. While there is little doubt about the importance of keeping kids physically active, there is quite a lot of debate around how this should be accomplished.

Sport should be compulsory in schools. Kylie Lang. April 14, pm. Share this on Facebook. Share this on Twitter Why sport is not compulsory in schools is beyond me.

Jul 13,  · Topic: Some schools require each student to participate in an organized school sport chosen by the student. People at these schools argue that athletics is an important part of the educational experience and that there should be a rule requiring Resolved.

However, should students be required to participate in them in order to receive a high school diploma?

Sports should be required for various reasons such as fitness, getting involved, and responsibility.

Should participation in sports be required

First of all, sports should be required because of fitness. As we all know, obesity thrives among the younger generation these days.

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