The case for contamination by kwame

I am not Asian and never will be. Even if I forget it sometimes, no one else does. But I am not what I was before I came here, either.

The case for contamination by kwame

To this, I think- as well as Appiah suggests that many people are in fact situationalists, Appiah cites Oskar Shindler film character as having many conflicting traits yet over all the character is remembered as being mostly compassionate.

Another point is that compassion is not truly a character trait, which I am on the fence about agreeing with. If anything, I think the fact that humans are unaware of our extreme sensitivity to circumstances that it would provide an apt opportunity to change how we as humans, psychologists, or writers view character traits.

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When Appiah references the Princeton seminarians who do not stop to render aid if they are late, I would not say that they are not compassionate, I would propose that they instead value their appointment more than they did compassion.

They are compassionate to some degree, which would add to the complexity of compassion as a character trait, not eliminate it. Could I not say that I am compassionate, but not as much as I value my character trait of punctuality?

According to Appiah, I could not- I could not have compassion as a character trait if it was not fully realized though in most people it is not, which I suppose is why Appiah argues this point.The authors of the two articles, Questions of Culture and The Case for Contamination, examine at the issue of globalization's affect on cultures, with separate viewpoints.

Jun 11,  · Read the article “The Case for Contamination” by Kwame Anthony Appiah "What roles do religions play in Appiah’s analysis?

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How is your approach similar to or different from his? In Kwame Appiah's article "the case for contamination" he makes it clear that he favors globalization but doesn't ignore the contradictions and set backs that globalization .

The case for contamination by kwame

The Case for Contamination, by Kwame Anthony Appiah Words | 3 Pages. In the article, “The Case for Contamination”, by Kwame Anthony Appiah, the author focused on globalization and its effects on the world.


He stressed how new innovations and traditions, rooted from modernization, are essentially contaminating age-old customs and values. spaced, 12 pt.

The case for contamination by kwame

font) on Kwame Anthony Appiah’s “The Case for Contamination” (5% of final grade). EXTRA CREDIT: EXTRA CREDIT During the course of the term, there will various extra credit opportunities available to the student.

Kwame Anthony Appiah "The Case for Contamination" Modern resources allow us to be connected across great distances Cosmopolitanism: "citizens of the world"-responsible for each other but everyone is accepted on his/her own uniqueness, modernity and western civilization are .

Solved: Review the article-the case for contamination, English