Understanding the planning process and their implementation

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Understanding the planning process and their implementation

You may want to consider using a facilitator from outside of your organization if: Your organization has not conducted strategic planning before. For a variety of reasons, previous strategic planning was not deemed to be successful.

There is no one in the organization who members feel has sufficient facilitation skills. No one in the organization feels committed to facilitating strategic planning for the organization.

The Big Picture

Leaders believe that an inside facilitator will either inhibit participation from others or will not have the opportunity to fully participate in planning themselves. Leaders want an objective voice, i. Also see Consultants using. Who Should Be Involved in Planning? Strategic planning should be conducted by a planning team.

Consider the following guidelines when developing the team. Note that reference to boards of directors is in regard to organizations that are corporations. The chief executive and board chair should be included in the planning group, and should drive development and implementation of the plan.

Establish clear guidelines for membership, for example, those directly involved in planning, those who will provide key information to the process, those who will review the plan document, those who will authorize the document, etc.

A primary responsibility of a board of directors is strategic planning to effectively lead the organization. Therefore, insist that the board be strongly involved in planning, often including assigning a planning committee often, the same as the executive committee.

Always include in the group, at least one person who ultimately has authority to make strategic decisions, for example, to select which goals will be achieved and how.

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Ensure that as many stakeholders as possible are involved in the planning process. Involve at least those who are responsible for composing and implementing the plan.

Involve someone to administrate the process, including arranging meetings, helping to record key information, helping with flipcharts, monitoring status of prework, etc.

Consider having the above administrator record the major steps in the planning process to help the organization conduct its own planning when the plan is next updated. Note the following considerations: In general, where there's any doubt about whether a certain someone should be involved in planning, it's best to involve them.ASQ is a global community of people passionate about quality, who use the tools, their ideas and expertise to make our world work better.

ASQ: The Global Voice of Quality. A tutorial for the Unified Process (UP) similar to the Rational Unified Process (RUP).

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A Guide to the Implementation Process: Stages, Steps and Activities page 6 Planning for Change Change is complex and dynamic. It involves moving or transforming from something familiar to something new.

Change can be broad, affecting multiple practices or aspects of the program, or it.

Understanding the planning process and their implementation

The process of implementing new software can be complex. There’s early research, vetting different vendors and partners, checking with budgeting, getting feedback from managers and employees, and finally getting buy-in from senior leaders.

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