Vegetarian is the new prius essay

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Vegetarian is the new prius essay

There have been many ways proposed to conquer this problem but none have been effective so far.

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Kathy Freston puts forth an idea that if everyone stopped eating meat and only ate vegetarian food then our problems with global warming would be solved. There are multiple logical flaws in her argument, including generalizations and ignorant claims.

These disputable claims are evident in the supporting texts and examples she uses.

Vegetarian is the new prius essay

She states that the cause of climate change is due to two main factors. The second claim is that all the resources we use to raise, kill, clean and distribute the meat releases so much pollution that the only solution is to discontinue this ordeal all Vegetarian is the new prius essay.

The first task will be to dissect her statement that the gasses released by the animals causes global warming. It should also be stated that these same gasses are released by humans in the same manner. Carbon Dioxide is the first gas that is released in flatulence and belching. So, if CO2 is not a problem in global warming then it must be one of the other two gasses.

The excess nitrogen emitted will also be recycled into the ozone and assist in creating new ozone. Since ozone is made up of O3 the nitrogen creates a an environment suited for the addition of new oxygen molecules to the system.

The third and final gas in this process is Methane. Methane happens to be the most harmful gas released compared aforementioned gasses. Cows release about 1 liter of it a day each. Each human releases about. That means that 1.

This exceeds cows by million liters. All this information adds up to one thing. Humans release more global warming gasses than cows do by hundreds of millions of liters per year. The other section of her argument is the means it takes to transport the meat around the country releases a consummate amount of pollution into the atmosphere.

Freston obviously did some research on this when she says that cars release greenhouse gasses similar to that of cows and other livestock.

In reality this problem could be solved by lessening the ignorance of buyers. In response to this the business owners should stop being greedy and only sell within a certain mileage of where the food they grow actually comes from.

Most of the waste produced from the trucking around of produce and livestock can be reduced by localizing agriculture in the U.

Some statistics against this claim include a pollution chart from that shows pollution from transporting vegetables and fruits surpassed that of all meats by metric tons of CO2.

The other side can be argued that becoming a carnivore would save the world from global warming. The amount of meat thatAmerica eats also helps to keep the economy going. We as a country have many other alternative solutions to solve the overwhelming problem of global warming in opposition to a full scale change of national diet.

There are plenty of wise and educated people coming up with ideas and two are making their way to the forefront. First, is a plan suggested by Bill Gates Gates. His teams of researchers have found a way to take nuclear waste and reverse engineer it to use it for power.

By doing this we will have enough clean energy to power our earth until the end of projected human existence. In his speech Bill throws out several world changing ideas but focuses on one main thought.

How can we bring pollution down to zero? Surely the answer to this question is sought after by Kathy Freston and other Global Warming Activists.

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The answer he gives is a complicated and long process of taking the waste made from nuclear fission and use it to make power so there will be virtually zero waste emitted from nuclear power plants. Already we have accumulated enough waste in the factories of Arizona to power the entire U. When examined, this plan sounds much more intelligent than the previously stated idea of rocketing the waste into space and forgetting about it.

Yet another huge concept in clean energy is thorium. A research group lead by Kirk Sorensen has found a way to use thorium to put out more energy than nuclear fission. It is a lot safer since it works at room temperature and it is not radio-active. The most useful consequence pertaining to this type of power is that it is cooled in water instead of radio-active material and is not pressurized so if there is a malfunction then there will be no risk of an explosion or damage to the plant Kirk.A balanced vegetarian diet will result in improved health and fitness, greater mental equipoise, and higher spiritual attainment.

Following the vegetarian diet can help us achieve the health and purity of our body, mind, soul, and planet. Lily, Lindy M. Zart Underwater Homes, Therese Hopkins Bulgarian Horrors and the Question of the East (), William Ewart Gladstone By Stroke of Sword - A Romance Taken from the Chronicles of Sir .

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