Writing a grant for classroom ipads

In both cases, the iPad PenUltimate Application will be utilized. Whole class — math will be taught on a staggered schedule so that Part I will not happen at the same time in each room. Math Message Activating Prior Knowledge Students will use the iPad PenUltimate Application to respond to math problems designed to activate prior knowledge related to the upcoming lesson.

Writing a grant for classroom ipads

Wednesday, May 11, iDon't have iPads: I wrote a grant with the help of my good friend Amy Jarrett-Clancy! So then you may ask - where can I get a grant to purchase iPads or other technology for my classroom? Hopefully this post will aid you in your quest to tech-nify your classrooms.

First, try contacting your district's technology education department. In my travels and work, I have heard that many school districts are allocating funding for technology - some specifically for iPads. If your district is not doing this, then consider these fundraising and grant opportunities: Technology Grants News - Also take a look at this other site with technology grant info - Google "technology grants" and see what comes up!

Once you have chosen a grant source, begin to consider how you can integrate the technology into your daily instruction.

Grant readers often want to know that the technology being provided will be used long-term - not simply for a one-quarter or even one-year unit. Take a step outside of the box and consider how the specific technology can support each subject in an effective way.

writing a grant for classroom ipads

Understand that this may mean a complete change in the way you teach - and it will be quite an adjustment for you and your colleagues. Expect a period of long nights, trial and error, more error, more trial, interspersed with moments of "Oh wow!

That makes so much more sense! Daily schedule including activities- How will the technology be used throughout your daily instruction? Be as detailed as possible - even including a rough lesson plan. Can you use the technology to assess? Google FormsE-ClickerEdmodoetc.

Search This Blog The versatility of the product has caught the attention of educators and many elementary schools are looking to integrate the iPad into the classroom as a learning tool.
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How will they improve student progress? Technology Assessments - How will you assess student progress in technology standards? Project evaluation - How will you evaluate the effectiveness of your grant? How will you track growth in student achievement with and without the iPads?

Here is a link to the iPad grant we wrote at my school: Since we were one of the first schools to try using iPads in the classroom, we didn't have a lot of resources from which to draw when researching how we would use this technology.

As we learn from trial and error, and our colleagues at other iPad schools, we are evolving our practice and trying new and exciting teaching techniques, apps and technology applications. Recently we wrote an expansion grant to acquire additional carts of iPads.

This grant was even more detailed than the first including NETS standards and chronicled our progress thus far much of which I've described on this blog. Happily, our expansion grant was approved and in the next month myself, our music teacher and middle school special education teacher will be receiving iPad carts - loaded with iPad2!

Hopefully I can convince them to write a blog post here about their progress:Grants for iPad We are compiling a list of resources to allow educators and administrators to apply for grants and be able to purchase iPads for the classroom.

If you are looking for resources that highlight different math apps, check the Teaching Table blog. writing tech grants for iPads. writing tech grants for iPads. Discover ideas about Grant Writing Treble in the Classroom: Grant Writing Tips The link is for grant writing, but I love the instrument/room set up!

NTA's iPad Grant - *Magiera's Mathematicians*

thanks to lots of . Here’s an example grant proposal for iPads and for social networking for teachers: WA STEM Grant Proposal & here are some other Sample Grant Proposals. I also . Tech Integration My professional opinion: we have to Here’s an example grant proposal for iPads and for social networking for teachers: Problems with Tech – Google Classroom on Older Devices Android Tablet Accessing GAFE Tools Multiple GAFE Accounts, Shared Devices.

How do you get iPads to be available to each student in your classroom? The answer is basic: you write a grant. Every successful grant application begins with a project, then a plan and with getting permission.4/5(5). The iPad will become a tool that will help create more authentic learning experiences in the classroom as well as build twenty first century skills that our children need in order to be successful in a quickly evolving technical world.

writing a grant for classroom ipads
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