Zheng he vs christopher columbus

Zheng He or Christopher Columbus? That, and if the outcome is great is what my judging is based on. Zheng He, originally named Ma He, was born into a Muslim family just beyond the borders of China later Yunnan Province in the southwestern part of China in We will write a custom essay sample on Zheng He or Christopher Columbus?

Zheng he vs christopher columbus

Early career and preparation for the first voyage

Awen Chinese HistoryChinese Technology Admiral Zheng He Zheng He was the greatest Chinese navigator and admiral of the 14th century, and his fleets travelled half of the world to as far as east Africa. When he was ten-year old, the tribe to which his family belonged raised armed rebellion against the central government of Ming Dynasty and was defeated.

While most of the war prisoners were sentenced to serve in border armies, some young boys who either looked neat or could read and write were selected to be trained as eunuchs.

Zheng he vs christopher columbus

And Zheng He was one of them and sent to serve the fourth prince in Beijing. It was during that time Zheng He developed a strong interest in Buddhist teachings.

Zheng He the Warrior By the turn of the 15th century, the first Ming emperor died and was succeeded by his grandson known as Emperor Jianwen. Jianwen was basically a young scholar with no military experiences, so Monk Daoyan urged the fourth prince to take this opportunity to seize the power.

Thus after 20 years Zheng He once again involved in an armed insurgence, but this time he was a willing participant with outstanding military exploits.

The army of the central government in Nanjing was defeated.

Zheng he vs christopher columbus

Consequently, the legitimate emperor became a war criminal, the fourth prince became the third Ming emperor and Zheng He, a former war prisoner, became a war hero and was promoted to the position of chief eunuch. Once helped the prince to become the emperor, Daoyan returned to his monastery to resume his former life as a Buddhist monk and accepted Zheng He as his formal disciple.

The ceremony was simple but solemn, witnessed by some government ministers. During his seven voyages overseas, Zheng He never missed an opportunity to visit Buddhist temples and burn incenses there as a way to communicate with the enlightened force whenever his fleet landed in a country.

In his spare time, he hand-copied a great number of Buddhist sutras. Hand copying sutra is a common way to practice Buddhist cultivation in China, which serves two purposes: The fleet was comprised by 63 vessels and boarded 27, people, who carried out tasks of marine navigation, foreign trade, logistic service and military escort respectively under the centralised command of Zheng He and his assistants.

In a way, his fleet was like a micro-empire, that included professionals from diverse disciplines: Other vessels included m long Horse Ship loaded with commercial goods, 90m long Grain Ship stored with food and fresh water, 80m long Sitting Ship for marines and other support staffs and 60m long Battle Ship that guarded the fleet.

A nautical chart produced using pulling stars measurement method The fleets were equipped with detailed nautical chart, chip log, sounding lines, marine compasses with errors within 2. During the day, the fleet used signal flags to communicate among vessels and at the night the lanterns in different colours were employed.

When it was raining or there was heavy fog, gongs, trumpets and shell trumpets would come out in full swing. Of course, Zheng He himself was the best and top ranking envoy of the Ming emperor. Each time when returning home, the fleet was boarded a large number of foreign diplomats and merchants, sometimes, entire family of foreign monarchs, along with imported goods like sapphire, emerald, ivory, corals, pearls, ruby crystal and all sorts of precious metals, as well as herbal medicines, cooking spices and ambergris for incenses.

But did he ever take military actions against anyone during his expeditions? The answer is yes. The most significant incident was a war with the kingdom of Ceylon.

An Eclipse was his Savior

The king of Ceylon was a bit greedy at the time, and attempted to take over the fleet and take away all the goods from the vessels. A plot thus had been developed. But Zheng He was a military veteran against government armies.(Zheng He vs Columbus) April 13, Cephas.

A Walk Through History: Barefooted, Blog Post. One sunny day in , a World Fair was held to celebrate great achievements not unlike Nobel ceremonies.

Amongst the many proud speakers was Christopher Columbus, who was invited to speak about his greatest discovery in On October 12, , two worlds unknown to each other met for the first time on a small island in the Caribbean Sea.

Explorers for Kids: Christopher Columbus

While on a voyage for Spain in search of a direct sea route from Europe to Asia, Christopher Columbus accidentally discovered the Americas.

Columbus’s voyages to the Americas are important mainly because of the fact that they “opened” the New World to exploration and to conquest. In other words, Columbus’s four voyages did not. May 21,  · In Europe, Christopher Columbus was the most recognized explorer (by today's standards).

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He founded the Americas, by sailing west instead of going around Africa (to get to India). He was looking for trade routes. Bartandbaker Presents Nuno Endo Christopher Columbus Squirrels And Onions Remix. Play and Listen Bartandbaker Presents Nuno Endo Christopher Columbus Squirrels And Onions Remix Mp3.

0 plays MB Electro Swing. Play Download Ringtone. Who Was Christopher Columbus . Maritime Expansions Chinese Expansion? Ming Dynasty () The Yongle Emperor () Moved capital to Beijing Confucian learning promoted.

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